Whataburger Is Giving Away Scholarships And Burgers To Students In These 10 States

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When you think burgers, does making the world a better place come to mind? Well, now it will!

Whataburger, the Southern burger chain known for its brightly colored A-frame buildings and fast-food fare, wants to change the world with some major help from innovative students from around the country.

Soon-to-be and current college students will have the opportunity to win up to $5,000 in scholarship money and a year’s worth of burgers while in school in exchange for sharing their big ideas on how to improve the world. If you know anyone who fits the bill, be sure to forward this to them!

Here’s the deal:

Nine scholarships will be awarded to students in three contest regions. Region one is Texas, region two is Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi, and region three is Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. To qualify, students must be over 13 years old. They must be 2018 graduating high school seniors, current undergraduate or graduate students enrolled for the summer or fall 2018 semester at a school within one of the contest states. All students must be in an accredited institution or program within this list.

According to the contest page, “individuals must submit a commencement speech or other original work about a ‘big idea’ that could positively change the world.” That’s a tall order, but it’s certainly not over the heads of today’s bright students. Depending on the student’s creative preferences, there are three options of entry: video, photo or text.

Video submissions are eligible for the $5,000 price and should be no longer than 90 seconds. On top of the cash, you’ll also get 208 coupons good for a Whataburger sandwich (valued at $1,040).

Photo submissions are eligible for the $1,000 prize. This entry can be an original photograph, image, painting or drawing. Lastly, a text submission is eligible for a $500. Text entries must be under 280 characters.

The contest ends on May 31 at 5:00 p.m. central time.

Know someone who could use a little cash and a year’s supply of burgers? Head to the official #WhatabigIdea contest page for all the details.

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