What’s The Best Way To Clean Your Dirty Sneakers?

No matter how careful you are, it’s a given that your immaculate new sneakers will one day begin to look dull. Which is why there’s no shortage of advice on the internet for the best way to clean your shoes. Luckily for us, the folks at Little Things did an experiment. They found some very worn shoes and tested out four of the most popular ways to clean the rubber soles.

Check out how each method ranked below, on a scale from zero to five stars:

4. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda: 2.5/5 Stars

To use this method, you dip a toothbrush into lemon juice, then into baking soda, and then you scrub the shoe. Afterward, you wipe the solution off with a cloth. The intrepid investigators at Little Things found that the lemon juice/baking soda combination just wasn’t worth the hassle.

Little Things

3. Hair Conditioner: 3/5 Stars

The results are in — and you’re better off conditioning your tresses than your soles. This method entails using a sponge to scrub conditioner into the sole of your shoe, and it was just OK compared to the other options.

Little Things

2.Toothpaste and Water: 4/5 Stars

The testers started with this method, getting great results! It’s easy, too. You just have to scrub the soles of your shoe with a toothbrush, just as you do with your teeth twice a day.

Little Things

1. Wood Cleaner: 5/5 Stars

Alas, no other method could beat the wood cleaner. It’s easily applied with a toothbrush, and then you just wipe it off with a cloth, just as you would with the other methods. The testers encourage you to make sure any wood cleaner you select is non-toxic.

Little Things

And don’t forget those grubby laces! According to Complex, the best way to clean your white shoelaces is to take them out of your shoe and put them in the washing machine on the cold cycle, inside a mesh bag or a pillowcase.

Watch the experiment to see how wood cleaner came out on top: