Glitter Sunscreen Is Officially The Most Fun Way To Protect Your Skin This Summer

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who want glitter on everything and those whose day is ruined at the first sight of a sparkle.

Sure, it gets everywhere and can make a pretty big mess when you’re doing arts and crafts, but how can you deny its beauty?!

I am firmly on the “buy all the colors of glitter and put it everywhere” side of the debate — especially when it comes to something I can wear in the summer.

The bright sun is perfect for glitter nails, sparkly shoes and, not going to lie, sometimes just throwing it in my hair.


One company — appropriately named Sunshine & Glitter — is making it easier to sparkle this summer with their line of products that includes something made for the sun: glitter sunscreen!

For less than $20, you can snag a bottle of of the sparkliest sunblock you’ll ever see in scents Mango Tango with gold glitter, Party Cake with rainbow glitter and Sweet Very Berry with pink glitter!


All are SPF 50+, filled with antioxidants and offer 80 minutes of water resistance.

And judging by the names of the scents, it’s probably safe to say they all smell amazing.

For a few dollars more, you can also get their SPF 30+ formula with eco-friendly biodegradable gold glitter.

The glitter doesn’t stop there, though, because even when your day in the sun is done, you can slather on their glittery after-sun lotion, again with a biodegradable option.

Both include aloe and lidocaine just in case you didn’t reapply that sunscreen often enough and got a bit sunburned.

Other products from Sunshine & Glitter include lotion, SPF 50+ lipgloss and even a sunscreen with bug spray (an essential for your next “glamping” trip!).

Of course, all the products contain glitter!

They also have travel packs, perfect for your next road trip! These would also make fun party favors if you throw a beach birthday party.

Sunshine Glitter

For the young girls who hate having their hair combed, especially after a long day outside, consider this glittery hair detangler, which might make the process slightly easier.

Sunshine Glitter


Are you a lover of all things glitter? Which product would you like to try first?

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