You Can Now Buy Pastel Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups

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Lunchtime just got a whole lot more magical. You can now purchase multi-colored Unicorn Magic Snack Pack pudding cups, so consider your day forever changed for the better. Whether you’re packing a surprise for your kid to enjoy at school or just looking to upgrade your sad desk lunch, these pudding snacks should do just the trick.

These pudding cups first debuted at the Snacks and Sweets Expo in 2018, according to Bustle. But now, you can find them on store shelves just about everywhere. Unicorns are notoriously hard to spot, but thankfully, the unicorn pudding should be easy to find at Target and Amazon.

The puddings come in pastel pink and blue colors, and according to the packaging, they even come with temporary unicorn tattoos. They’re currently retailing for just $2.69 a package at Target:


But, if you shop through Amazon, you’ll pay up to $17.99 for the unicorn goodness — which, if you love all things unicorns, may be totally worth it.

The packages describe the pudding as being “made with Star Dust,” as seen in this photo shared by Instagram user @foodnoto:

So what exactly does that mean for its taste? Instagram user @piggywalker84 described the flavor alongside a photo of the pudding, writing, “The flavor reminded me of vanilla pudding with birthday cake and sprinkles.” That sounds delicious!

Editors at Delish and Bustle found the pudding to be relatively mild in flavor. Bustle noted it tasted similar to “standard Snack Pack vanilla.” So if you were hoping for flavor as vibrant as the color and packaging, you might not find it here.

If you want to know for certain that your pudding will look and taste just as magical as you’d expect unicorn pudding to, you can always make it yourself! This recipe from Finding Zest provides instructions on how to make a delicious, colorful pudding from scratch.

Start off by mixing Jell-O Berry Blue gelatin with vanilla extract, cream cheese and whipped topping to form a berry vanilla base. Top it all off with sprinkles, marshmallows and more, and you’ve got a festive unicorn treat!

Finding Zest

Use the Snack Pack pudding locator to find Unicorn Magic pudding in a store near you, or try making it in your very own kitchen.

Either way, your afternoon pick-me-up snack will be more fantastic than ever!