This new, blue wine is finally available for purchase in the U.S.


Do you remember the blue wine, Gïk, that came out last year? With cerulean hues that came from “a grape skin pigment known as anthocyanin and indigo extracted from a plant,” the wine was only available in select European countries. But now there’s “Blumond” sparkling blue wine, a bottled Prosecco cocktail, and you can finally buy both it and Gïk in the states.

You can pre-order Gïk through their website, but if you’re planning to try and get it for the Fourth of July (could anything be more patriotic? Or Instagram-worthy?), you’re out of luck. The wine won’t ship until later this year, in October. You can order one bottle for $16, two bottles for $28, six bottles for $66 or 12 bottles for $124 if you really can’t get enough of the stuff.


As far as Blumond goes, you can buy it for $21.99 per bottle via Saraceni’s online store, which isn’t quite as good a deal as Gïk. It’s also not technically wine. Blumond is a blend of peachy-tasting Prosecco grapes from the Italian winery Fratelli Saraceni that has been mixed with blue curaçao, according to a review of the wine by VinePair. And because it only has 7 percent alcohol by volume, Italy doesn’t even consider it to be real wine (which necessitates a threshold of 10 percent ABV). It’s a sweet wine, so if Moscato and Riesling are your go-to wines, you might like it.

Blue wines open the door to a whole new level of sneaking alcohol into places it shouldn’t be. When it looks like mouthwash or Gatorade, what’s to stop you from taking half a bottle to what’s sure to be an endless Little League game? We won’t tell if you won’t.

Would you try the new blue wine, or would you rather stick to the red, white and rosé varieties?

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