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Which Way Do You Face In The Shower?

You might be surprised to find out what most people do!

Quick question: Which way do you face while you are in the shower?

Do you face the water, or do you stand with your back to the water? It turns out that people have very strong opinions about which way to face when they’re in the shower. In fact, Glamour even did a poll on the topic. It turns out that 64 percent of people face away from the water, while 21 percent face the faucet. If you’re doing the math, that leaves another 15 percent of people. So what does that elusive 15 percent do? They switch back and forth between facing the water and turning away from it, of course!

Funny to think about it, isn’t? I remember being shocked when I saw my husband facing the water, as I assumed everyone showered the way I did (back to the water). After all, wouldn’t water get in your eyes otherwise?

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I think the difference may have something to do with gender. If you’re a girl with long hair, you probably learned to shower with your back to the water, so that you have ample time to rinse your locks. Guys, on the other hand, might be more apt to turn around as they don’t have to wash and condition their wigs like women do.

But, whichever way you face when you step into the shower, you no doubt think the people who face the other way are complete weirdos!

Speaking of weird shower behavior, another recent study found that 80 percent of us actually pee in the shower. Yup. So, odds are, someone in your household probably does (or maybe it’s you!).

But, don’t worry, it’s actually not as nasty as it sounds. Research shows that unless you have an infection, your urine is sterile and it won’t harm your tub in any way. Some people even claim it helps clear up athlete’s foot—but jeez, can’t you just pick up some Gold Bond at Walgreens?

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And, if you are concerned about water conservation and Mother Earth, here is some good news: Taking a shower is actually better for the environment than taking a bath, provided you don’t go past 10 minutes. Hey, if you get on the no-poo train—meaning you don’t wash your hair—that shouldn’t be a problem.

Happy suds-ing!

[h/t: Bustle]