Finally! There’s A Gadget To Help You Clean Your Whisk

The time for your kitchen to become a disaster area filled with mixing bowls and measuring cups is just around the corner. It looks like a mess, but man, those cookies in the oven sure smell good, don’t they?

If you’re cooking several dishes in one day (say, the day before Thanksgiving when you need to whip up a pumpkin pie and a big vat of mashed potatoes), you’re going to have a lot of clean up that needs to be done along the way. You don’t want the potatoes tasting like pumpkin, after all.

Enter: The Whisk Wiper. The whisk is one of the hardest-to-clean items in your kitchen, yet one of the most frequently used this time of the year. Well, worry no more, because this nifty gadget will help you clean your whisk in a flash!

What we can’t quite figure out is why someone never thought of this before. The invention really is quite genius. All you have to do is slide the rubber piece down the whisk to the handle before you begin to cook and bake.

While it’s there, it’ll act as a catch all for any drips, and allow you to place the whisk down on the counter without making a huge mess. Then, when you’re done and ready move on to an entirely separate batter, all you have to do is slide up the Whisk Wiper and it’ll scrape away any leftover batter along the way.



Then, you can even scrape the excess into the bowl you were stirring so that not a single drop goes wasted. Mmm! Mmm! It’s far too yummy for that!

People seem to love the idea of this invention because as of Nov. 16, the Kickstarter campaign had raised almost $71,000 and still had 15 days to go.

There’s still time to back the project and sign up to receive your very own Whisk Wiper by March 2017, when this item is expected to ship. It may not make your holiday baking easier this year, but next year? You’ll be baking like a boss!

[h/t: Insider]