Whiskey In A Pouch Is The Ultimate Adult Lunch Box Item

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Capri Sun and other juice boxes were the best part of lunchtime when you were a kid.

So why not recreate those moments now that you’re an adult?

Sure, you could go out and purchase yourself some juice boxes (although you may get some weird stares at the checkout aisle) or you could drink whiskey out of a pouch instead.

There we go! That’s the ultimate form of adulting right there.

You have the Whisky Me subscription service to thank for the most “feel like a kid again” adult beverage around.

They package whiskies from around the world in pouches and ship them right to your door.


Once you’ve received the package, you can pour your whiskey into a glass or, you know, drink straight from the pouch if you please. No judgement here.

The company only ships to the UK (hence the spelling of whiskey without the “e” in the company name) at the moment, but their website hints that restriction is only “for now.”


So, here’s to hoping they expand to include an American audience sometime soon.

Based on the reactions online, adults everywhere would love to get their hands on this very adult beverage. Some people are proud that they’d be less likely to drink whiskey from a pouch today than they would have been in their college years:

But there are plenty others who like the idea of this childhood “upgrade:”

You’ve got to admit, whiskey pouches will make you all sorts of nostalgic. Cue the Capri Sun flashbacks:

If you’re bummed that you’re not in the UK right now, fret not! If you’re resourceful, you can still drink your booze from a pouch thanks to refillable pouches on Amazon.com.

These even come with straws and retail for just $8.99 for a 50-piece set.


Ready to feel like a kid again? Drinking from a pouch should do just the trick.

Looking for another way to bring your beverages on the go? Check out these awesome portable wine glasses:

There’s also this amazing flask that doubles as a bracelet! You can pick one of those up for less than $30 (and wouldn’t that make a great stocking stuffer?)



And if you’re in the mood for more throwbacks, check out these Moscow Mule-flavored gummy bears, too.

Of course, there are also rosé gummies, tequila-infused gummies AND bourbon-flavored gummies, just in case you wanted to stock an entire bar’s worth.

Or you could easily make your own:

Who knew combining adult beverages with kid classics could be such fun?!