White chocolate Twix bars are coming back for good

Do you remember white chocolate Twix? This limited-time Twix offering appeared briefly in 2005, and then again in 2016. But it never earned permanent placement on store shelves … until now, that is!

That’s right. Mars has just announced that white chocolate Twix candy bars are returning to stores for good, meaning that you can enjoy these sinfully sweet treats whenever you so desire.

There’s just one problem: You’re going to have to wait until November for these special Twix bars to make their grand debut. It seems a bit of a crime that we won’t be able to sink our teeth into these bad boys on candy’s favorite holiday (Halloween, of course). But hey—as long as they are coming back for good, we better not complain!


This isn’t the first time that candy makers like Mars have gotten creative with white chocolate. There are also white chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, white chocolate Kit Kats and even white chocolate M & Ms.

In fact, if you really want to make the most of the Halloween spirit, there are many white chocolate versions of popular candies that will satisfy every trick-or-treater who knocks on your door. For example, the white chocolate pumpkin pie M&M’s flavor:

Candy Warehouse

Or, how about a white chocolate Hershey bar that’s flavored like candy corn?

Candy Warehouse

Check out the orange Kit Kat snack-size candy bars. These babies are covered in white chocolate, rather than the traditional milk chocolate:

Candy Warehouse

Oh, and when the white chocolate Twix candy bars do finally show up on the shelves, don’t forget to try this awesome recipe for white chocolate Twix cupcakes from Java Cupcake!

Java Cupcake

Um, I don’t know if I can wait until November to try one of those cupcakes! They’re made with shortbread, then filled with caramel sauce and topped with whipped white chocolate frosting … so basically heaven in one bite. Drooling!

Keep your eyes peeled for those new Twix bars!

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