This Contest Will Give You $60K To Travel The U.S. For 6 Months And Take Pictures

Would you like to make $60,000 for traveling the country? Yeah, I thought you might.

White Claw, a Chicago-based hard seltzer maker, is searching for two brand ambassadors to do just that: travel anywhere across the United States over a six-month period.

The goal? To seek out newfound passions and use the $60,000 to live your life exactly how you please.

Now through June 3, anyone at least 25 years old can enter White Claw’s My Best Life Contest for a chance at being one of the brand’s ambassadors and getting to travel the country — for free.

vacation photo
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

If you win, you’ll be encouraged to travel twice a month to places of your choosing.

That means you can learn how to surf in California, canoe through the Everglades or take up hiking at a spot you’ve always wanted to see.

All you have to do — other than have fun — is document your experiences to share with White Claw fans nationwide.

How To Enter

Just follow these steps and you might be on your way to checking some things off your bucket list!

1. Follow @WhiteClaw on Instagram.

2. Take a photo that visually expresses how you currently live your best life.


3. Post the photo on your Instagram account with a caption explaining how you currently live your best life, and how becoming a ‘Best Life’ ambassador will continue to fuel your personal passions. Make sure the photo is public.

4. Tag @WhiteClaw and include the hashtag #MyBestLifeContest.

Don’t have Instagram? You can also enter at White Claw’s website, where you can submit a photo and caption directly to them (but we’re guessing they’ll want you to launch an Instagram account eventually to document your journeys, so having one already can’t hurt!).

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If you could travel anywhere in the country, and do anything, what would you choose?

According to a survey Simplemost conducted last year, Americans prefer certain states to others when it comes to vacations.

Unsurprisingly, warm weather states offering plenty of miles of oceanfront topped the list. Check out the map below and read the full list.

The Ultimate Road Trip Across The U.S.

A scientist has figured out the ultimate road trip that hits every one of the 48 contiguous states, with each stop being a landmark, national park or historic site:

Cool, right? That same scientist put his skills to use to find the ultimate road trip across Europe as well.

That trip stops in 45 places across Europe and will take 14 days of driving and covers a total of 16,287 miles.

He recommended setting aside a solid three months for the trip, so those of us with slightly less vacation time may have to adjust our routes.