Whoopi Goldberg says her will has a clause to prevent a biopic about her life

Whoopi Goldberg

Biopics are a hotly debated topic among celebrities. Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Jada Pinkett Smith to David Letterman has voiced disdain for the movies that were allegedly based on their lives, and Britney Spears recently made headlines from snapping back at Millie Bobby Brown when she said she would love to star in a biopic of the singer.

“I’m not dead yet,” Spears said.

And now we can add another celebrity to the list of famous people who look askance at biopics.

Whoopi Goldberg took a stand on a recent episode of “The View” and said that she has a clause in her will that should effectively shut down anyone who tries to make a movie about her life. While discussing Andrew Dominik’s controversial movie “Blonde,” a film purportedly based loosely on Marilyn Monroe’s life, fellow co-host Sunny Hostin posited that there might come a day when Whoopi Goldberg has a biopic made about her.


“Try it,” the 67-year-old comedian shot back.

She went on to say that she has laid out stipulations in her will that no one can make a film about her unless they first speak to her family and get their approval. This includes family such as her daughter, Alexandrea Martin, who followed in her mother’s footsteps and became an actor and producer. Goldberg also has three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Despite this stance, Goldberg recently starred in a biopic, playing the role of Alma Carthan in Chinonye Chukwu’s latest project, “Till.” The movie is based on the life of Emmett Till and his mother Mamie’s fight for justice following his brutal death. Goldberg plays the role of Mamie’s mother, and she is also a producer.

However, Till’s family gave Chukwu their blessing, and the director said she worked hard to bring Emmett to life in a way that honored his true soul and didn’t “re-traumatize” the family and other viewers, EW reports.

You can watch Goldberg in “Till” on Apple TV, Peacock or on Amazon Prime.

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