5 Ways To Overcome Your Supposed Laziness


Call it whatever you want, but when you have a growing to-do list and the idea of doing absolutely nothing sounds way more appealing, there are those who might say you’re being lazy. Here are five ways to break the cycle of inaction, whatever its cause, and become the more productive person you sit on the couch and dream about.

1. Determine Why You’ve Chosen To Not Do Something

Uncovering the cause of your “laziness” issue is the first step in overcoming it. In the end, you may discover that you’re not being lazy at all but, rather, are being held back by something else entirely.

Once psychologist insists that there are various underlying reasons for behaviors that are often perceived as simple laziness. These include low self-esteem, a dearth of emotional support, a lack of self-discipline, lack of interest, a fear of failure and plain, old ambivalence. Just as medical issues are best resolved by treating the underlying causes versus the symptoms alone, these various forms of ennui must also be ripped out at the root.

2. Track Your Time

If, after reading the above list, you realize that—hooray!—you’re not actually lazy, but you still can’t pinpoint the primary issue, you may want to look more closely at how you’re spending your time. Start tracking your time to see how how, exactly, you spend all your waking hours. You can even download a time tracking app, such as RescueTime.

By keeping track of your time, you’ll be able to use that collected data to see if there are any underlying issues. For example, maybe you didn’t realize you spent almost two hours on Facebook every day.

3. Examine Your Schedule

What your schedule looks like says a lot about you. If you have a jam-packed schedule but you’re just not getting everything accomplished, you might be suffering from a self-discipline problem. This is where tracking your time can really come in handy.

On the other hand, if you have a schedule with not a time block to spare and you’re getting stuff done yet you still have feelings of laziness, you might just be pushing yourself too hard. Remember, it’s always good to take a break to recharge.

On the flip side, if you don’t have much of a schedule and spend quite a bit of time channel surfing or catching some Zzzs, you might have a problem with motivation.

4.  Change Up Your Habits

If part of your daily routine involves checking Facebook or other social media accounts multiple times throughout the day, or turning on the TV as soon as you step foot in the door after work, you might want to reconsider how you spend your time.

To help break the cycle, try rearranging your schedule. Unplug your TV, make an effort to cut back on Facebook check-ins and, whatever you do, don’t start your day by checking email and social media. It’s said to kill productivity, which in turn can be deemed as laziness.

5. Stick With It

What’s “it”? It is anything you’ve put your mind to that needs to be accomplished, or a project you’ve started that needs to be completed. You can up your success rate by continuing to track your time, using a goal tracker or creating a done list. That’s right, a done list.

Little changes in habits and behavior can have a huge impact on your perceived laziness. The moment you stick with something, finish a project and cross off something on your to do list is one of the best feelings. A feeling you’ll want to have again, which is what will put a stop to any lingering, lazy feelings.

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