Why Putting Kids To Bed Early Is Good For Their Health—And Could Make Them Smarter

Getting your kids to bed at a decent hour isn’t just a nice way to spend a little extra alone time with your partner.

The benefits of an early bed time extend beyond some extra peace and quiet. Studies show that kids who go to bed between six and nine p.m. are more likely to fall asleep quicker, are less likely to wake up during the night and sleep for a longer time.

In addition to better sleeping habits, an early bedtime can improve behavior as well as cognitive skills.

One study found that children who were put to bed earlier for five nights were rated by their teachers as less irritable and impulsive than usual, even though their teachers were not made aware of their earlier bedtime.

Other research shows that 18-month-old infants who were put to bed earlier were at a lower risk for motor, language and social deficits.

In addition to helping with kids’ behavior and their overall cognition, sleep is also an important factor for children’s physical health. It can help prevent kids from becoming overweight, keep their energy levels optimal, and improve their neurological development.

It looks like the evidence is strong in putting your kids to bed on the earlier side, so try to get your child into the habit of going to sleep at an appropriate hour.

So what time should your kids go to bed? Check out this handy chart.

Photo by mamamusings