Why Some People Bruise More Easily Than Others

Every few days, I feel like I have a new bruise. Sometimes, I can distinctly recall running into the counter, but often, I have no idea how, when or why I may have gotten a bruise.

According to Mary L. Gavin, MD from Kids Health, bruises form when the soft tissue under your skin gets injured. When the small veins and capillaries break or burst (from a bump, fall, or other impact related injury), blood can leak out of them and cause discoloration.

“These red blood cells that collect under your skin cause that bluish, purplish, reddish, or blackish mark. That’s where black-and-blue marks get their name — from their color under the skin,” states Gavin.

But why do some people bruise more easily? Here’s four reasons why this may be happening:

1. Your Age

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Those with thinner skin and capillaries (like the elderly) may bruise more easily because they have less tissue to protect what’s underneath.

2. Vigorous Exercise

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Those that exercise at intense intervals (like body builders and professional athletes), may incur microscopic tears in their blood vessels when doing high intensity training.

3. Taking Medications

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Those that take blood-thinning or blood clotting medication can be more prone to bruises, as it can thin your skin too. According to MedicineNet.com, these medications could include but aren’t limited to: over the counter anti-inflammatories (Aleve, Advil, etc), arthritis medications, prednisone and Warfarin.

4. Could Indicate A Type Of Disease

Hemophilia (a genetic clotting disease), Cirrhosis (a liver disease) and some cancers have bruising as a sign and symptom of their disease. This doesn’t mean you should run out and panic if you get a new bruise. But if you suspect your bruises mean something more, be sure to consult a trained medical professional.

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