This Is Why Your Mouth Burns When You Eat Pineapple

When you’re enjoying delicious, sweet and succulent pineapple, what makes your lips tingle and your mouth sometimes feel like it’s getting a slight burn?

No, you’re not allergic, and while the fruit does contain citric acid, that’s not the culprit either.

It’s bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that breaks down proteins. When isolated, it is used as meat tenderizer. And when consumed when eating pineapple, it can irritate the gentle skin inside your mouth.

So if you love pineapple but don’t want to feel the burn, Spoon University recommends to try this: cook the pineapple. When you heat it (my favorite is to toss it on the grill), the enzymes are broken down and can reduce its potency.

pineapple photo
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There you have it. The more you know.

[h/t: Spoon University]

Photo by Smart Alex!