This Wiener Dog Photo Shoot Is Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

Life is stressful. Sometimes, it’s nice to just take a break and remember what makes you happy.

And you know what? I’d be willing to bet that nothing makes you happier than looking at adorable dog photos online.

If I’m right about that, then you’re in luck.

Because I’ll come right out and say it — these photos are pretty much the cutest things to hit the internet.

Healthy, homemade dog biscuits spilling from a glass canister on a wooden table.

Unusual Maternity Photo Shoot That’s Too Adorable

We’re used to seeing moms posing with their babies, but you’ve never seen maternity photos quite like this before. These pictures come to you courtesy of Belinda Schenk-Sol of Belinda Sol Photography and are arguably the cutest maternity photos we’ve ever seen.

Schenk-Sol is a photographer based in McAllen, Texas. She specializes in maternity and newborn photo shoots (her Facebook page is full of amazing images!)

The series starts with the expectant Dachshund mother eagerly awaiting the arrival of her six puppies.

This proud wiener dog mom stands next to her six wiener dog babies who are all bundled up in a bed. As if that doesn’t sound adorable enough, they are each wearing little crochet hats.

Now this sight is sure to bring some joy to your day because it’d be impossible not to fall absolutely in love with this furry family.

What’s not to love about six teeny tiny sausage dogs, you know?

Just look at them all cuddled up. Snug as bugs in a rug.

They’re almost too much!

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So, take a deep breath and let some of that stress melt away. These little doggies are sure to make your day!

Dry kibble dog food in bowl on old wooden table.

Custom Crochet For Dogs?

The woman who posted these pictures runs her own custom crochet business. Rebecca Monroe has her own shop —BabyByBecca — on Etsy and she says she can create a custom crochet creation for anyone. Or, in this case, any thing!

Usually, you can find her hands working on adorable items for babies, children and adults.

Whew! Looks like she’s off to a busy start for 2018!

Rebecca takes her love for yarn, crochet and animals and combines them into something pretty special. Check out these tie-dye yarn hats she made for another lucky group of pups in Texas!

Even her own puppy can’t seem to get enough of Monroe’s craft and skill.

Pups and crochet seem to be a perfect pair. Both are soft, cuddly and beautiful!

[h/t: Devourable]

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