Watch Dozens Of Pups Compete In An Adorable Wiener Dog Race

wiener dog race
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The 2018 Olympic Games are coming up and we humbly suggest a new sport be included — not for humans, but for dogs. Small dogs, to be exact. Last week, the minor hockey league team the Atlanta Gladiators held their first wiener dog race and it was the most exciting sports event we’ve seen in ages. In between periods, dozens of adorable, excited short-legged dogs lined up along a blue line and within seconds they were off!

Over 50 rambunctious dogs participated in the race, making for an extremely entertaining and hilarious event to witness. Slipping, sliding and running toward the finish line, these dogs stole the show. The happy pups raced in front of over 7,000 fans and, not surprisingly, delighted everyone with their fierce competitiveness and ferocity to be the best on the ice.

Watch the race unfold here:

The ultimate wiener (see what I did there?) was a lovable dog named Weagle and her proud owner Katie Ford. According to the Gladiators web site, the winning dog received “local fame” while the winning owner got a prize pack from the team:

The wiener dog race was the Atlanta Gladiators’ promotion of the team’s new Weiner Wednesdays. The night also featured a hot dog-eating contest and buy-one-get-one-free hot dogs (which will continue every Wednesday for the rest of the season!).

The Gladiators aren’t the first team to think of this brilliant idea, however. Wiener dog races have been done several times before by other hockey teams, including the South Carolina Stingrays:

Given how cute they are, it’s shocking not every sporting event has dog races!

Oh, and a fun fact? On Jan. 29, 2017, the Werriwa Wiener Dash  in New South Wales, Australia, broke the record for the most dachshunds in one place outside of a dog show. A whopping 154 dachshunds were in attendance for the event. Come on, U.S., let’s break that record!

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