Woman Tricks Husband Into Thinking Ulta Charges On Bank Statement Were Actually Utilities

Deciding on and sticking to a budget as a couple can be tough. You may not always approve of your spouse’s spending habits and vice versa. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for maintaining separate finances even when you’re in a committed relationship.

My husband and I, for example, have a joint account for shared expenses, but we also each have our own separate accounts to spend freely from—without judgement from each other. This way when he goes out and adds even more issues to his comic book collection, or when I decide to treat myself to a manicure, it doesn’t start a fight because we’re not spending the other’s money to do so.


Well, one wife got reportedly around the problem of explaining a potentially conflict-inducing purchase by tricking her husband into thinking the charge was actually for household utilities. Yup, the couple’s daughter took to Twitter to explain what went down when her dad questioned her mom about a charge from Ulta, the cosmetics store, on their bank statement:

“LMFAO my dad is going through his bank statements and goes, ‘what’s U-L-T-A? $275? Is that utilities?’ And my mom goes, ‘yeah I payed [sic] the bills’ and he said thank you. Lmao I AM SCREAMING,” she wrote.


We have to admit, that was a pretty smooth move on her mom’s part! People totally related to this common couple conundrum, and the tweet has gone viral, having now been re-tweeted more than 157,000 times.

ulta photo
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One user chimed into say that this clever hack has been used by moms before:

Another agreed with me that this type of stunt is exactly the reason that married couples should have separate bank accounts:

Another user dropped the perfect gif to demonstrate what may happen if the husband passes an Ulta store one day:

Too funny! The original Tweeter even came back to let everyone know that she did tell her unsuspecting dad the truth, and it sounds like he took it like a good sport and simply rolled his eyes at the sneaky trick.


We’re guessing she won’t get away with this one again!


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