Wife surprises husband with ‘Family Feud’ audition pregnancy announcement

When Sabrina Clendenin was looking for a clever way to tell her husband the good news that she was pregnant and catch it all on tape, she had the perfect plan. Sabrina and her husband, Jordan, love the game show “Family Feud.” So when she was ready to share the news about their growing family, she told him that they were creating an audition tape for the chance to be contestants on the show.

At first, camera-shy Jordan didn’t want to record the video.

“He knows I love ‘Family Feud’ so I asked him—and he said no the first night!” Sabrina told told People. “And I couldn’t sleep that night because it’s hard to keep anything from him.”

The next day, Sabrina got Jordan to agree, and they sat in front of the camera and began talking about they met and fell in love. Sabrina explained that the couple has two children together and goes on to make her case for why they would be perfect for the show, saying, “We’re funny, we’re animated. And so is the rest of our family. Wait til you see their videos.”

Sabrina asks Jordan to talk about why he thinks their family should make it on the show, and he talks about his funny sister and his mom, who he compares to the mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

When it’s Sabrina’s turn to give her number one reason they should be on the show, that’s when she delivers the big news: “Well, I really think they like pregnant people on. Like when they’re showing, they just love it.”

At first, Jordan gives his wife a confused and bewildered look. Then he gets it and asks incredulously, “You’re pregnant?”

“I am. I did this to tell you,” Sabrina replies with a smile.

When Jordan still doesn’t believe her, Sabrina produces the positive pregnancy test to prove to him that they really are about to add a third child to their brood.

Once Jordan wraps his head around the surprise news, he exclaims, “Yay!” while embracing his wife and giving her a kiss.

Then it is revealed that Sabrina has one more super-sweet surprise. She tells Jordan that her due date falls on July 4, which also happens to be the date he proposed.

Watch the whole adorable video below: