Wife threw her husband a hilarious party to celebrate his vasectomy

Kimberly D. Hemperly/Facebook

Kimberly and Jason Hemperly have a beautiful family of four, and they plan on staying that way. They have two children, a little boy and a little girl, and they don’t wish to have any more kids. So they did what they felt was necessary to keep that from happening—Jason decided to have a vasectomy.

Kimberly supported this decision and was very appreciative of her husband for being willing to “take one for the team.” And to show him, she threw him the best party to celebrate his brave efforts.

The party was appropriately titled, “Balls Voyage,” and was—well—genital-themed. Even the snacks kept with the theme, with a full spread of extra tender beef jerky, sausages and meatballs and a cake decorated with the words “Snip Snap” available to all.

Clearly, this wife thought of everything. She posted about the “Balls Voyage” affair to Facebook, and it got way more attention than the couple ever expected. At the time of publication, it had been viewed over 64,000 times.

She captioned the post, “My husband is taking one for the team and to celebrate this momentous occasion I felt the need to throw him a little ‘Balls Voyage’ party for his upcoming procedure. Because omg y’all nobody is more excited about this than me.”

Even the dress code was vasectomy-related. Jason wore a shirt that read, “Time to retire the swim team,” while his two children each wore “Swim team survivor” tees. Very clever, indeed!

People responded to these photos online, thinking that the couple was really going above and beyond for this celebration—and loving every bit of it. You have to love their sense of humor!

“This is the best thing ever,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“This is hilarious,” someone chimed in on Twitter.

We love this family’s sense of humor. But what’s most important is that both husband were wife are onboard with the decision.

“We feel like two is plenty for us. We were lucky enough to be blessed with one of each and we know sometimes that isn’t always the case,” Kimberly told Babble. She also mentioned that she greatly admires her husband for being willing to do this for their family.

“He’s very selfless in that way,” Kimberly told the publication. “Very compassionate and caring. We couldn’t be happier with our little family.”

How Many American Men Choose Vasectomy

A 2015 United Nations report showed that around 10 percent of U.S. men underwent vasectomies, whereas the worldwide average is about 21 percent.

While American men choose vasectomy as their means of contraceptive less often than other men around the world, there is one phenomenon tied to vasectomies that is uniquely American: Doctors see a 30 percent jump in the number of vasectomies scheduled during March Madness in the spring.

march madness photo
Getty Images | Streeter Lecka

After all, what better way to recuperate than to lay back and watch the college basketball finals?

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