It looks like Will Smith had a blast dancing all over Colombia

Will Smith recently took a trip to Colombia and, judging by his Instagram, he knows how to do vacation in style.

The trip wasn’t strictly for pleasure, as the actor was there to shoot some scenes for his upcoming film, “Gemini Man,” in the city of Cartagena. Still, he evidently managed to pack in plenty of fun to the trip, literally dancing his way through the country with his son, Jaden. And it looks like they had an absolutely awesome time taking in the local culture! Check out some of the Instagram videos and photos below from Smith’s time in Colombia.

Here’s a highlight reel of some of the epic dance moves he busted out during the trip, including one that seemed to embarrass 19-year-old Jaden:

Smith saw a caricature drawing of himself while there and jokingly admitted the oversized ears were spot-on:

He was also introduced to a super-fan who had the star’s likeness tattooed on his arm:

Here he and Jaden are showing off their dance skills again, alongside rapper-singer Nicky Jam:

Since their dance-off was filmed, it’s been announced that Smith and Jam will collaborate in a performance of the official 2018 World Cup song. The track, which has not yet been released, will be produced by Diplo.

Another Instagram video gave a glimpse of some of the local cuisine he enjoyed, the crazy reception he received and his attempts at speaking a little Spanish:

During some downtime, he took the opportunity shoot a funny “Apocalypse Now”-style video about waiting around in his hotel room:

After he was done shooting, Smith said farewell to the country with this gorgeous and colorful photo:

Wow! That looks like an amazing trip. In addition to singing, acting, dancing, rapping and producing, it’s clear the Fresh Prince is also highly skilled in the art of having a good time.

We can’t wait to see where he travels next!

[h/t: Travel & Leisure]