What William And Kate’s Body Language Reveals About Them As Parents

This year is shaping up to be quite exciting when it comes to milestones for the British royal family. In April, another baby is on the way for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth attended London Fashion Week and sat front row with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. And of course, Prince Harry’s wedding to American actress Meghan Markle is fast approaching in May.

Naturally, we’re overflowing with photos of all the members of the royal family — and we’re not complaining! Even the simplest family snapshots hold much more information than first meets the eye. It’s true that a picture is worth 1,000 words. So we turned Dan Ribacoff, CEO of International Investigative Group, and polygraph examiner trained in speech and body language recognition, to help us decode some pictures and learn more about William and Kate’s parenting styles.

Here’s what he had to say:

 1. They are loving and protective parents.

This photo shows two concerned parents and reveals their love for their son. William is bent forward and looks like he is speaking to Prince George. “He seems to be reasoning with the child more than the mother,” said Ribacoff. As a result, Kate appears more loving and William appears more logical.

Duke duchess of Cambridge charlotte photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

2. Kate is compassionate.

In this photo, Kate is squatting down and looking in the same direction as Princess Charlotte. This action “comforts the child,” explained Ribacoff. “She shows great compassion for the child by engaging her at her height.”

Kate Middleton charlotte photo
Getty Images | Franziska Krug

3. William leads his family.

This photo from a royal trip reveals multiple facets about William. The duke “projects authority and his forward gaze means William is leading his family,” Ribacoff said. But that’s not all: William is holding George’s hand, revealing a loving, tender side.

Meanwhile Kate is looking down in front of her. Ribacoff explained the duchess is likely “watching the terrain to ensure it is safe as she guides the children.” Overall this image shows a “very cohesive family unit.”

Kate Middleton charlotte photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

4. Kate is nurturing.

While many photographs show Charlotte in Kate’s arms, it’s important to note in this one how Kate is holding the toddler close with both her hands. According to Ribacoff, this reveals a nurturing side. “[Kate’s] open smile is a genuine smile that is shown through the lines of her eyes,” he said. “Open smiles like this are rarely faked.”

Kate Middleton charlotte photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

5. Kate teaches and is attentive.

This snap from Pippa Middleton’s wedding shows Kate as “a caring and nurturing mother,” Ribacoff said, because she is “attentive and interactive with child.” Once again, the duchess is engaging with the toddler down on her level.

Kate Middleton charlotte photo
Getty Images | WPA Pool

Is there anything else you think you can ascertain from William and Kate as parents from their photos? Let us know in the comments!