Williams Sonoma launched a ‘Harry Potter’ cooking line

The timing for this couldn’t be any more perfect: Williams Sonoma launched a “Harry Potter”-themed cooking line just when you need it the most. When you’re cooking for a crowd, it can feel like you need magical powers to get everything done in time, and that’s where these tools come in.

Whether you’re preparing a Thanksgiving feast for the whole family or baking dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies, a little wizardry in the in the kitchen can go a long way!


OK, so these tools may not actually possess the power to cook for you or anything like that, but they will certainly help you get the work done, nonetheless. The line consists of aprons ands spatulas that will make cooking a lot easier this season (or at least cuter and more colorful!). These are great for kids helping out in the kitchen as well as adult fans (because “Harry Potter fandom has no age limit, after all!)

The best part is that you can shop aprons and spatulas to match the house you identify with the most. There’s gear for every Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin out there!

The spatulas are made with BPA-free silicone and have beech wood handles, and they’re only $12.95 each.

Williams Sonoma

As for the aprons, the kids’ sizes are $24.95 and the adult versions are $39.95.

Williams Sonoma

These items will make excellent gifts for all of the foodies and “Harry Potter” lovers out there. So if you know anyone who fits that description (practically everyone on your list!), you might as well complete your Christmas shopping by paying a visit to the Williams Sonoma website.

PB Teen, a Williams Sonoma company, also just launched a “Harry Potter” furniture line, so you may want to scroll through those options while you’re at it. The furniture line includes everything from throw pillows to canopy beds.

PB Teen

Ready to deck your home out with “Harry Potter” wares (starting with the kitchen)?! We’re right behind you!