Meet ‘Wine Coffee’: Your Two Favorite Beverages Have Finally Been Combined


While pairing coffee and alcohol is nothing new, brace yourself for one of the best combinations to hit your taste buds at one time: wine coffee.

That’s right, you can start (or end maybe? more on that later…) your day with your two favorite beverages: Coffee and wine.

Your new favorite drink comes from a cafe in Napa, California, called Molinari. Roaster John Weaver supplies the beans for the drink, which Molinari’s website says is full-bodied coffee that “relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history.” The coffee is then carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.

Molinari Private Reserve

Professional tasters say the coffee tastes “rich” and “full-bodied” and of “small dark fruit,” such as blueberries.

Flavored coffee first became popular in the 1970s with the rise of Starbucks, and the trend continues today. Starbucks alone sells multiple flavors in stores and for brewing at home.

flavored coffee photo
Flickr | Shermeee

Molinari seems to be on to something new, however, as this appears to be the first time coffee beans have been soaked in wine prior to brewing.

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Distribution is currently local, but you can buy the wine-infused coffee online for $19.95 for a half-pound bag. Don’t be surprised if you see small coffee shops selling their own versions in the future or even your friends making homemade imitations. (I mean, you can soak gummy bears in all sorts of things, so why not coffee beans?)

Coffee beans and a scoop
Flickr | Andreas Poike

Wine-infused coffee certainly doesn’t sound like the worst thing to wake up to—or is it for going to bed? And, how do you drink it? Warm, we’re guessing. But do you add sugar? Creamer? Can you drink it at work? Do you use a mug or a wine glass?

For starters, the coffee is alcohol-free and there is even a decaffeinated version if you want to be caffeine-free as well. This means the coffee has a wine flavor but can be safely consumed at work and anywhere else you’d want coffee but not wine.

The e-commerce site Uncommon Goods sells Merlot-infused coffee beans, which the producer recommends you drink with a little sugar for this “perfect after-dinner brew.”


Wine pairs so nicely with other things—cheese, Netflix binges and first dates, just to name a few—so it’s no wonder that wine is combined with so many other products.

Case in point, marijuana-infused wine. One maker of this wine-weed mashup is CannaVine, which is formulated to give drinkers a mellow body high, without the disorientation often caused by THC.

And then there’s the red wine grilled cheese, brought to us by BS in the Kitchen. The possibilities are endless here: Choose a wine and a cheese that pair well together (say, a full-bodied Tempranillo with a sharp cheddar, or maybe a light Parmesan with a delicate rose).

BS' in the Kitchen

Similar to the wine coffee is this recipe for red wine hot chocolate from the blog Yeah Imma Eat That. You really can’t get much cozier than hot chocolate spiked with red wine, so grab a book or queue up a movie on Netflix and mix up a batch of this stuff!

Yeah Imma Eat That

And last, but certainly not least, is the wine slushie. As warm weather arrives, you should probably start collecting your favorite wine slushie recipes. The possibilities are limitless.

Whether you prefer red, white or bubbly, there’s a wine slushie you’ll love. You can’t go wrong with this peach moscato wine slushie from Divas Can Cook. If you didn’t already have spring fever, you will now!

Divas Can Cook

What’s your favorite thing to pair with wine?

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