This woman asked her boyfriend to buy her a new pair of leggings—chaos quickly ensued


If you’ve ever asked your boyfriend, husband or dad to buy you anything female-related, you may understand Taylor-Anne Gallagher’s plight. The 22-year-old gal from Ipswich, in the United Kingdom, innocently asked her boyfriend to pick her up some new leggings while he was out shopping. What ensued can only be described as total hilarity.

On Sunday, she shared some screenshots of her messages with boyfriend Tim Goddard on Twitter. She writes, “When you ask your boyf to pick you up a pair of leggings whilst he’s in town.”

Tim had never before contemplated women’s leggings. Women’s black leggings specifically. While out on the hunt for a pair of leggings for his girlfriend, he found himself pondering some of life’s hard questions. “Why are there so many black leggings?” he wonders. “Why do women need this?” This is clearly a man who does not understand the importance of leggings.

Her story resonated with so many women, it was retweeted over 18,000 times.

The women of Twitter came out in droves to sympathize with Gallagher. @London_Damsel wrote, “I asked my boyfriend to get me some knee length socks and was on the receiving end of a similar message thread.”

And @itsjademarie wrote, “Haha I don’t even bother with mine, he has a meltdown on my behalf when we go shopping.” Hasn’t every woman had a similar experience at some point?

Still others wanted to know what ended up happening. Did Gallagher’s boyfriend survive the trip? Did Gallagher herself ever get that coveted pair of black leggings? @LittleMissWhitney wrote, “How did it turn out? The people want to know!!”

The man of the hour himself responded on Twitter with, “I made it out, but I am not 100% convinced I’m not still in a coma.”

Good to see that everything worked out in the end. Miss Taylor got her black leggings and boyfriend Tim made it out alive (though perhaps scarred for life). Hopefully, that’s the last time Taylor asks Tim to go shopping for anything lady-related.

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