This Woman Built An Incredible Palace For Her Cat And You Have To See It

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Sure, you can always buy your cat some little catnip toys or a pre-built carpeted tree house, but one woman took the joy of entertaining her cat to the next level.

26 year-old Frances Ratner brought out her industrial strength glue gun and using cardboard boxes, built her 6-month-old kitten Price Peachblossom one heck of a cardboard palace.

Ratner, who resides in New Zealand, said she had nothing to do one Tuesday, so instead of lounging around, she put her time towards building Mr. Peachblossom the perfect little cat house. Ratner said she had recently moved, so her supply of cardboard moving boxes was plentiful.

The house took a little over five hours to build and has four stories and eight rooms, which are all connected with tunnels and ramps, Ratner told The Dodo.

“Every room is accessible and he can go in the front door and make his way all the way to the attic through the inner tunnels,” she said.

hello welcome to my palace did you bring fishes? #boysonly #clubhouse #tinyhouse

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I bet you’re probably wondering what adorable little Prince Peachblossom thought of his new living quarters, right?

Ratner reported the fuzzy little feline made sure to explore every room of his new palace, but his explorations only lasted about 10 minutes. At least she was able to document his curiosity with some pretty adorable photos though!

nomnomnom delicious house #eatstagram #eateverything #nomnomnom

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Hi to all my new followers from @thedodo ! Hope you brought gifts, peasants. #royalty?

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If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible

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And despite all of the effort she put in to build her cat this epic new hangout, Ratner said she isn’t mad Prince Peachblossom didn’t show more interest.

“I think he was disappointed it wasn’t food,” Ratner told The Dodo. 

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