Woman Uses 13,000 Pennies To Create The Most Incredible Tiled Floor

If you want to tile a floor in your home, you’ll probably spend $15 to $20 per square foot on the tiles and installation — though you could easily spend much more.

Instead of spending a ton of money, Tonya Tooners, the woman behind this perfect DIY project, tiled her own floor with close to 13,000 pennies. Tooners used three $50 bags of pennies, 10 bottles of Elmer’s glue, grout, wood filler and epoxy, according to Bored Panda.

Tooners said on her own Imgur account that the epoxy was more expensive ($175) than the bags of pennies. In total, she thinks she spent about three months and $350 on the entire project.

Tooners described the process like this: “Pulled up the carpet and finished the rest of the floors but the dormer must have been an addition because it was just plywood here. Started by measuring and finding the center. Didn’t have a plan for the design so I just started gluing pennies until I found a pattern I liked.”

The pattern she chose was a series of diamonds with different shades of copper. And the floor shines as bright as copper diamonds.


Now, how did she create different shades of copper? Tooners bought “some liver of sulphur on Amazon and had to dye a bunch of pennies,” as “the sulphur reacts with the copper to darken it,” she explains.

Toward the walls, she also added an impressive border by making triangular waves.

If you’re looking for a way to save money and show off your thousands of pennies, start gluing Lincoln’s head to the floor and see what happens.

We think this is a pretty amazing way to stretch $130—right across the floor!