Woman hits jackpot on online lottery game while waiting for kids to go to bed

Kentucky Lottery

Sometimes a little late-night gambling session on your phone actually pays off.

A Kentucky woman won more than $224,000 while playing Bank Buster Jackpot online, according to a press release from the Kentucky Lottery.

“I was just waiting for the kids to go to sleep and decided to play,” Ashley Smith said. “The big green screen popped up and I couldn’t believe it.”

Smith’s husband said his wife scared him when she jumped up out of bed.

“I thought she was faking,” he said.

Smith said she plays Kentucky Lottery games every now and then but doesn’t have a specific game she likes to play.

The couple said they drove to the lottery headquarters where they received a check for $106,409.89 after taxes.

The money couldn’t come at a better time for the couple.

“I totaled my car last week,” she said.

And Smith said her husband recently hit a deer with his truck.

The couple said they are going to use the extra money to help pay off some bills.

By Christian LeDuc, Scripps News.

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