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87-Year-Old Woman Knitted Dozens Of Hats As Anonymous Gift To Strangers

Her acts of kindness will warm you up inside and out!

Here’s a story that will warm you up inside and out: An 87-year-old woman in Massachusetts is keeping the cold at bay by knitting hats for kids in her community.

The woman, who wishes to be anonymous, knitted 75 hats to give away to any child who might need help staying warm this winter. Each hat takes her a full day to knit, but she doesn’t mind. “I like doing them. I think it’s fun,” she told Fox25 News.

Once she completed the hats, her daughter placed them in plastic bags and hung them around the fence of a local park, Nelson Memorial Park in Plymouth, Mass. Within days, all but a few of the hats were taken — no doubt by very grateful (and very warm) children.

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Although the hats were snapped up quickly, they took months to make. The woman began knitting before the cold weather even began, and continued right on through the holidays.

Despite all her hard work, she does not want any recognition for her efforts. “I just like to stay in the background,” she told Fox25 News, adding “It makes me feel good that I can do something for someone.”

In addition to giving hats to kids in need, she also donates her hand-knitted hats to homeless shelters.

Temperatures are hitting record lows throughout the country, particularly in the Northeast, so no doubt these hats are extra-appreciated.

If you would like to help keep kids warm this winter, you can donate to Operation Warm, The Salvation Army, Coats for Kids or One Warm Coat.

If you are a gifted knitter or crocheter, consider putting your talents to good use by knitting hats, caps, blankets and other items to people in need through Warm Up America! They are always accepting these completed knitted and crocheted items:

  • Adult, child, and baby size afghans
  • Adult hats
  • Scarves
  • Baby clothing
  • 7″ x 9″ knit and crochet sections

Let’s all work together to keep each other warm, inside and out!

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