This Woman Makes $40 An Hour As A Professional Cuddler

I can’t decide if this woman is crazy, a creeper or an absolute genius. Meet Sam Varnerin, owner and head snuggler of her newly formed business, Snuggle with Sam.

Varnerin cuddles for money. And, pretty decent money too—$40 plus per hour.

If, like me, you are reading this mouth agape, confused, your mind immediately jumping to the perverse… don’t worry, we can’t help it! For the vast majority of us, cuddling is a means to an end or the end of the means… you get it.

So, when thinking about someone wanting to just cuddle to cuddle, there are questions. So. Many. Questions. Who would do this? What do you actually do?  Where do you cuddle? How do you keep it, eerrrr, platonic? What if it gets weird?!?

Varnerin told The Penny Hoarder she first heard about this side job on a blog, and a few quick Google searches later, she was hooked up with an agency where her cuddling career began.

Varnerin compares her side gig to that of a massage therapist. But, her healing power is touch in the form of snuggles rather than massage.

So where does this cuddling go down? Varnerin says she can cuddle at her home or the client’s home or hotel.

Really? The idea of cuddling with a stranger in his or her hotel room sounds a little sketchy, right? Varnerin admits to having reservations at first, too, but says her agency’s safety policy put her at ease.

“I am a young woman, so when I first started I was like, ‘How do I do this and not run into weird people that might try harming me?’” Varnerin told The Penny Hoarder. “I found out quickly after doing the screening and everything that it’s really not that much of a problem, but if it is I have that security there.”

It appears not everyone is creeped out by this career path.  Sam has received so many applications to become a snuggler that she has had to shut down the application period on her website for the rest of October.

Snuggle With Sam

But, don’t worry, if you really want to be a snuggler with Sam you can fill out a form on her website.

So, who’s ready to cuddle?