A Woman Compared Her Post-Work Thoughts To Her Husband’s And It’s Spot-On

We are still laughing at this Facebook post from blogger Meredith Ethington.

In her Facebook post, she talks about her post-work thoughts as a wife and mom, and compared her inner monologue to her husband’s. Whether you’re a mom or not, chances are you’ll be able to relate.

Mom Sleep Struggle Goes Viral

After all, there’s so much to do after work and not enough hours in the day, right? And as much as we want to stop our brains from thinking of every last minute detail, it’s tough—and Ethington nails it in her post.

See if you agree:

Some of our favorite lines are:

Just about all of these rang true for us. But some of them stood out to give us an extra laugh—not only at mom’s thoughts but ourselves for feeling the same way!

Praying For Sleep

I hope I can get some sleep tonight. Like, actual real sleep where I have a dream, or twitch, or something. I should buy a sleep mask.”

sleep mask photo
Flickr | Neeta Lind

Laundry Worries

“Did I put the laundry in the dryer?”

Photo by Nik MacMillan

Inbox Insecurity

“Did I hit send on that email?”

email photo
Flickr | Sean MacEntee

Annoying Dust Collectors

“How is the ceiling fan THAT dusty? Like, for real. Why is there so much dust on a fan that spins all day? How is that even possible?”

ceiling fan photo
Flickr | .Larry Page

Bed-Sheet Envy

“I should wash our sheets.”

“I bet Karen washes her sheets every week.”

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz

Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone

And, to be honest, how many of us can relate to that last line, comparing ourselves to other wives/moms /women we imagine are Superwives/Supermoms/Superwomen? Well, guess what? We are, too!

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you’re the only one out there having these internal dialogues of endless thoughts, remember one thing: you’re not alone!

By the way, let’s also not forget about the picture Ethington added to her post, featuring a snoozing husband along with the caption:

“THOUGHTS DADS HAVE AFTER A LONG DAY OF WORK: I’m going to lay down here and take a nap real quick.”

If we could only all sleep like this guy, right?


Fighting The ‘Mental Load’

Ethington’s post has gone viral and is definitely good for a giggle, but it’s also a good reminder of the what is known as the “mental load” that women bear when it comes to household chores and emotional labor at home. Even in equal partnerships, women tend to take on a lot more work around the house, and feel like they’re responsible for remembering every detail, task and errand list. It’s exhausting.

Now if you’ll excuse us while we go put some clothes in the dryer, double-check hitting send on that email and start meal planning for next week… and 1,001 other things, of course.