Woman Posts Inspirational Photo Of Her Stretch Marks And Gives A Lesson In Body Positivity

Loving your body is something that’s definitely easier said than done, but full acceptance is something that every person truly deserves.

Recently, there’s been a big push in the media for more models who aren’t stick thin and more body acceptance, in general.

If more women with curves and stretch marks were depicted in commercials, magazine pages, etc. maybe we wouldn’t have such an antiquated idea of what an “ideal” body is.

Because honestly, there is no such thing. No one is perfect, and that’s what makes each person special and unique.

It’s high time that everyone start embracing their “flaws” because in reality, they’re not flaws at all. And they never should have been viewed in such a negative way in the first place.

This 26-year-old woman had had enough of not accepting herself when she took to Instagram to prove to the world (and to herself) that she was beautiful, just the way she was.

Brenda DeRouen is a mom who never fully appreciated her stretch marks after giving birth to her child.

What began as a message for moms to accept their post-baby bodies turned into something with a much more broad and powerful statement.

DeRouen explains it on her blog that the photo series was,

“originally meant to target women who have yet to accepted their bodies after giving birth. But then, after my photographer Deun Ivory posted one of my pictures on Instagram, I remembered… most women, with or without children, struggle with some of the same insecurities.  So scratch the mommy body empowerment article and lets just focus on the basics: LOVING YOUR BODY.”

And that is quite an inspiring sentiment. We should all love our bodies, as is. And if it takes stripping down to your underwear and going all Kendall Jenner-style in a Calvin Klein #MyCalvins photoshoot, then so be it.

? @calvinklein

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on Jan 27, 2016 at 6:13pm PST

They are your Calvins, and they’re on your beautiful, empowered body, which makes them more unique and special than you even know.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]