Woman showcases her love of Dachshunds with a clever ‘Halloweenie’ lawn display

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Halloween lovers have been known to combine that passion with their other interests in unusual and clever ways when it comes to seasonal outdoor decorations.

For instance, you’ve probably never seen a human skeleton “chasing” after a dachshund skeleton that’s snatched the human’s bony arm. Or a pair of human skeletons walking a pack of dead dachshunds.

But one member of the Dachshund Lovers Facebook group, Diane Alves, shared that ingenious set up on her front lawn, all ready for Halloween, captioning it “My Halloween outside decor is up.”

Here’s one angle of the “Halloweenies” on their rainbow of leashes held by two hand-holding skeleton walkers.

A fourth human skeleton sits on Alves’ front steps, “petting” a 2D cat sculpture.

Fellow “Dachshund Lovers” members from the group and beyond loved Alves’ creativity. Her original Sept. 26 post has so far received close to 60,000 reactions, 7,300 comments and 75,000 shares.

Many commenters loved the extra touch of one of the doxie dogs getting away with the arm of a skeleton with that human in close pursuit.

And others mentioned their love of dachshund skeleton decorations too, as specific as that is.

“I brought two of these back to Ireland from California in 2015!!” wrote Facebook user Eva Kearns. “Got some very odd looks from the flight crew of three different airlines in my quest to get them home in one piece. They traveled in the cabin.”

Another Facebook commenter, Pat Walters, shared video of a similar “walking the dead dachshunds” setup.

After the positive response to her display, Alves added colored strobe lights so her Halloweenie creation could be seen at night.

Dachshund skeletons aren’t just for outside of course, as this post by a “wiener dog” owner named Nikki Sawyer shows.

While the particular Target dachshund skeleton Alves used is sold out in most places, you can find similar ones on Amazon along with other dog breeds. If you’re looking for a more cutesy dachshund skeleton lawn decoration, there are blow-up and lighted versions to suit your fancy.

Do you have any clever lawn decorations up for Halloween?