Woman taught puppies to pray with her before meals

Twitter | @mathur_vaishali

Do you say grace before you eat?  When it comes to mealtime, many canines can’t wait to get their grub. These adorable puppies, however, have learned to pray before digging into their kibble.

In a video posted to Twitter by @mathur_vaishali, two cute Labrador puppies can be seen patiently waiting for their bowls of food while their owner prays.

“Sharing this heart-warming video of my friend teaching her pups to say their prayers before food,” reads the caption. “Me thinks both are good boys”:

How sweet! After she finishes her prayers and gives the pups permission, they eagerly dig into their bowls. Aww!

People thought the praying puppies were just precious, and the video has been re-tweeted almost 600 times.

“So soo beautiful,” wrote @prateeksvoice in a reply. “Love!! This is the bond, respect, love between humans & animals! Animals have got feelings just as the humans do and they deserve to be treated gently by humans!!”

@mssakshinarula called them “cuties” and praised the pups’ patience:

@ChetnaWathoo called the praying dogs “absolutely amazing,” noting that her own furry friends likely wouldn’t be able to exert this level of control:

These dedicated dogs are not the only canines that have learned to pray before meals. Check out this compilation video of pups praying before meals on YouTube:

A couple of pooches are even able to put their paws in a prayer position, and in addition to giving thanks for their food, another asks for divine assistance to help refrain from chasing the neighbor’s cat. Who knew pups could be so pious!


In addition to praying, man’s best friend can be trained to do all sorts of incredible things. Therapy and comfort dogs help humans through crises, and dogs can also learn to sniff out everything from COVID-19 to tainted wine.

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