This Woman Turned Her Grandparents’ WWII Love Letters Into Incredible Jewelry

Forever Your, Agnes

Several years ago, Meghan Coomes—who used to work in television—found herself homesick from traveling. To help, her grandmother gave her a very special letter that Coomes could take with her on the road.

The letter was just one of thousands her grandparents had written to each other during World War II.

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“We’ve been hearing about (these letters) our entire lives,” Coomes told TODAY. “They had secret codes in their letters so that she would always know his location.”

Coomes said her grandmother kissed each letter with brightly colored lipstick. “She told me she hoped that he would press his lips to it and kiss her back,” she said.

Knowing how special these letters are, Coomes wanted to do something with the one she was given. So she turned it into jewelry and her store “Forever Yours, Agnes” was born.

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The real story begins more than 70 years ago, with Agnes Stevens and Thomas Coomes. Thomas was a solider in World War II and, like many couples in the 1940s, he and Agnes were separated by the war.

Agnes met Thomas when she was a senior in high school. According to TODAY, he asked his friends for a nickel to buy her a Coke, and she took him to her senior prom.

“The couple wrote each other daily for three years, three months and four days until Thomas returned home safely and the two were married,” the Forever Your, Agnes website says.

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Coomes has since expanded the business and creates custom pieces for anyone who wants to carry a memory of a loved one. Prices range from $50-100, with custom pieces costing $20 more.

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Thomas passed away before his letters were made into jewelry, but Agnes was able to see her memories immortalized in the pieces. Agnes died in December 2016, but thanks to her letters, she has left a romantic legacy that will not be forgotten.

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