This woman’s rules for dog-sitting her Pomeranian are too much

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You would think dog-sitting would be an easy gig. Food. Water. Walks. The end. Not so when it comes to watching Pepper, a 3-year-old Pomeranian who lives in Fresno, California. Pepper’s owner, Elaine Diaz, recently asked her nephew, Tommy Rios, to dog sit the pooch. And she left some pretty serious instructions.

In a tweet that his since gone viral, Rios posted a photo of the list of “rules” for watching Pepper:

The pampered pup, who Diaz refers to as the “most beautiful girl in the world,” is forbidden from eating carbs, should receive plenty of “big hugs” and “little kisses” as well as belly rubs and should play fetch daily. Diaz also requests that Pepper’s sitter sends her photos of the dog so she can be sure she’s okay, and call her using FaceTime so she can talk to Pepper. And those are just a few of the extensive rules.

Diaz went on to list some “don’ts” when it comes to caring for Pepper. Here’s the full list of things you should never do:

Don’t yell at Pepper. She barks when you get home, barks when she hears a suspicious noise and barks to communicate.

Don’t hit, spank or kick Pepper―don’t you hurt her!

Don’t let her escape―know where she is at all times.

And most important… Don’t you hate her ’cause you ain’t her!

Wow! Rios says he may not have followed all the rules to the letter, telling the Huffington Post, “I may have broken some rules, like maybe the FaceTime one and no carbs!”

Twitter users found the whole thing pretty amusing.

One user was ready to stop following everyone else on Twitter and just focus on Pepper:

Another agreed with Diaz’s assertion that Pepper is “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Rios updated Pepper’s newfound loyal fans with a tweet at the end of the night, saying, “Update: you made her really happy and now she’s going to bed lol.”

I can’t even.


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