Woman’s video of stopping at movie theater just for popcorn goes viral

Popcorn in red-and-white-striped bucket at movie theater

When it comes to a mid-day nibble, sometimes you’ve got to break from convention.

A little bowl of baby carrots or some crackers and cheese simply won’t cut it at the highest levels of snacking. If you’re a free-thinking snacker, raising a few eyebrows in the pursuit of deliciousness is to be expected.

One TikTok user blew some folks’ minds earlier this summer when she posted videos of herself leaving a movie theater with a big bucket of popcorn — without going to a movie.

“I feel like this is an elite move,” wrote Leah Pfrommer in the caption to her June 30 video:


I feel like this is an elite move #fyp #movietheaterpopcorn #popcorn

♬ original sound – Leah Pfrommer

She followed that up in August with another quick snippet, this time while sitting in her car, enjoying another popcorn bucket. It’s titled, “I can’tttt be the only one”.

“Genuinely curious: Does anyone else just walk right into a movie theater, and just walk out?” she asks between crunches.


I can’tttt be the only one #fyp #movietheaterpopcorn #movie

♬ original sound – Leah Pfrommer

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Based on the number of comments — nearly 2,000 — Pfrommer touched a nerve with her movieless popcorn habit. She snagged more than 30,000 likes and 983,000 views, too, suggesting that she’s definitely not the only one.

I, too, have surrendered to the pull of movie-theater popcorn sans movie. Of course, not all movie-theater popcorn is created equal, so this might not be advisable if your local theatre’s popcorn is bland and styrofoam-like.

There’s also the issue, raised in the TikTok comments, of theaters where you need a ticket to enter the concession area. Well, there’s not much to do about that, except take note of concession stands on the un-ticketed side of the stanchions.

Theaters may want to make their concessions as easy as possible to access, as food and drink sales are much more profitable than ticket sales.

For now, though, popcorn fiends will stay focused on what they love about going to the movies: The snacks, whether they’re inside the theater or out.

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