This Woman Lost 169 Pounds And Now Her Face Looks Completely Different

Thanks to the internet and apps like Instagram, we’ve all seen striking before-and-after photos of dramatic weight loss. They’re insanely inspiring, and it can be impossible to look away.

One thing we may not always notice, however, is just how much a person’s face changes when he or she loses a lot of weight. We tend to focus on areas like the stomach, but a person’s face can change dramatically with weight loss, sometimes making them look like a completely different person.

Kaylee Bonnett‘s transformation is one such weight-loss success story. Now 24 years old, she once weighed 481 pounds.

“In 2016, I went to the doctor and the scale there wouldn’t weigh me, and I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I had high blood pressure and that’s when I realized I had to do something,” Bonnett told Daily Mail Online.

Bennett has been overweight for as long as she can remember. She was made fun of and had few friends in high school, when she weighed 300 pounds.

“Day to day, life was a constant struggle,” she told Good Housekeeping. “From worrying about if I’ll fit in this chair or if the chair will hold me, to trying to look nice and hoping that getting from point A to B doesn’t make me sweat my hair and makeup off, I was constantly on the defense.”

Bonnett’s doctors told her she was at risk for a stroke or heart attack if she didn’t lose weight. Knowing she had to make a serious change, she decided surgery was the best option, so she underwent gastric bypass in 2016, and she followed the surgery and her recovery on Instagram.

The results speak for themselves. The most dramatic change, however, is just how different her face looks.

Here she is dolled up for a summer barbecue. Lovely!

Bonnett said her battle with weight had to do with coming to terms with her sexual orientation. But now that she is happily married, she has a future to look forward to and a support system to help her in her journey.

“My wife has been absolutely amazing through this,” Bonnett said to Daily Mail. “She was 100 percent behind me having the surgery, she knew that I wouldn’t be with her as long as I should in life if I continued the way I was.”

You can follow Bonnett on Instagram @fatgirlfitness_rny. Good luck as you continue your weight loss journey, Kaylee!