Wonder Woman Jessie Graff Conquers The ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Warped Wall

Is it Supergirl or Wonder Woman? Either way she is impressive. Jessie Graff made “American Ninja Warrior” history by scaling the new 14-and-a-half foot Warped Wall so easily that she may also need to take on the name Spider Girl as well. It took Graff just four-and-a-half minutes to finish the latest course at the Los Angles Qualifiers for the TV show, which pits contestants against an obstacle course challenge.

Graff initially made her presence known on the “American Ninja Warrior” scene by becoming the first woman to qualify for the city finals back in 2005. Since then she has trained for her quest by working a day job as a stunt double. She has spent time on “Supergirl,” “The Walking Dead,” and—you guessed it—on “Wonder Woman” doubling for Elizabeth Hurley.

Check out Graff destroying the course here and watch some of her other American Ninja work below: