This Artist’s Wood Carvings Are Seriously Incredible—See How He Does It

It looks like Chris Neuenschwander has found his calling.

The Atlanta-based artist crafts works out of wood that I’m willing to bet look nothing like any old-fashioned woodworking projects you’ve ever seen. In his basement studio, he creates intricately designed, colorfully painted carvings that look more like the designs of an expert tattoo artist than a carpenter.

Neuenschwander — or Noosh, as he prefers to be called — has run Noosh Studios since 2011, when he graduated with a degree in printmaking. His designs are popular on Instagram, where he has about 107,000 followers. And when you look through his feed, it’s easy to see why people love this guy’s artwork!

He begins with a hand-drawn sketch which is then transferred to a piece of wood. He uses a scroll saw to cut the wood into the intricate shape he needs before carving notches into the wood by hand. He then hand paints the carving and rolls black ink over the raised bits of wood, which is the step that really brings his pieces to life.

You can buy Neuenschwander’s carvings — as well as t-shirts, magnets and other pieces with his designs — at the Noosh Studios website. Most of his wooden pieces fall into the $200 to $500 range, which isn’t surprising considering the craftsmanship that goes into each of them.

You can check out his full portfolio online.