This patch of fake grass flushes like a toilet for your dog

While owning a dog can definitely be a wonderful experience, it does come with responsibilities, including taking your furry friend outside for plenty of bathroom breaks.

Do you ever wish you could train your dog to use the toilet? Well, now thanks to an innovative gadget called the Woofloo dog toilet, you can—sort of.

The Woofloo is an artificial patch of grass that functions as a self-cleaning toilet for your pooch.

The product removes urine every 1-2 hours by flushing it out with water, just like a traditional toilet.

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Getty Images | Matt Cardy

The urine is flushed through to a floor trap or drain point, so no cleanup on your part is necessary.

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Getty Images | Oli Scarff

Unfortunately, you will still need to pick up your pup’s poop, but the product’s manufacturer promises no “poop traces” will be left behind thanks to the special artificial grass.

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Getty Images | Mark Kolbe

You know you want to see a demonstration! Check out the Woofloo in action below:

People’s reactions to the video on Facebook were definitely mixed, with some more than a bit skeptical of its application in the real world.

“You still have to clean this up and it will surely smell,” read one comment.

“He wouldn’t use it, takes him all day to find a spot,” said another.

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Getty Images | Daniel C Sims

But some fans thought it could be useful for certain types of dog owners:

“Good for apartment dwellers who work during the day,” one person wrote.

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Getty Images | Scott Barbour

“This is perfect for high-rise apartment living on bad weather days especially,” said another.

You can set your own flush timer to prevent the smell of urine from building up, apparently.

The Woofloo is available for purchase online, and sells for between $140 and $305, depending on the size and whether you get it with or without the flushing system.

Included in your purchase is the artificial pet grass, a flexible 10-foot drain hose and a potty training guide.

We think they have a pretty cute mascot, too. Lucy is so cute!

Here’s a video testimonial from a customer, who says the product saved her grass:

What will they think of next?!

[h/t Insider Inventions]

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