Worker trapped inside ATM slips note to customer

A man in Texas ended up stuck inside an ATM for three hours before he was finally able to get help. Yes, it might sound like something out of a horror movie or an elaborate practical joke, but this strange story is actually true.

It all started when a repair person went to work on a ATM in a Corpus Christi, Texas, bank. The bank was under construction, so no one was there, but the ATM was still up and running. The worker entered through the back of the ATM (the vault where cash is stored), but as he was working on the machine, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him!

Take a look at the video below about this bizarre rescue mission.

Feeling claustrophobic yet? Here’s the worst part: The worker left his cell phone in his truck. And as mentioned above, all the bank employees were gone. Growing terrified, the worker realized he had just one chance at getting out of the ATM—getting the attention of an ATM user.

So he quickly composed a note detailing his situation and giving out the phone number of his boss, which he then pushed through the ATM to the exterior of the machine.

While sticking a note asking for help through the receipt hole of the ATM was ingenious, there was just one problem: All the ATM users thought it was a prank, and no one was taking his desperate situation seriously.

The worker began to grow frustrated and worried that no one would help him, but finally one ATM user not only grabbed the note, but also flagged down a nearby police car.

Initially, the police also believed it could be a prank, but luckily they called the worker’s boss and confirmed that a repair man was indeed on site at that location. Following this discovery, the police then kicked down the door of the ATM vault and freed the trapped repairman.

Physically, he was in good condition and unharmed, but he was reportedly quite mortified…as well as angry that other ATM users did not take his note seriously!

What would you do if you were in that situation? Would you think it was a prank, or would you contact the police?

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