New puzzle game Worldle is the geography spin-off of Wordle


Word games are great and all, but if geography is your jam, you need to try a new online game heavily inspired by the viral daily spelling puzzle, Wordle. At first, it might look like a typo, but Worldle is, in fact, a new game that’s quickly gaining popularity on its own merits.

Like Wordle, it’s totally free to play and you have six chances to solve the daily puzzle. However, each Worldle guess must be a valid country or territory instead of a random word. You are also given an immediate clue, as a silhouette of the place is provided with each day’s puzzle. But unlike the vocabulary game, you will also be given the distance, direction and proximity in relation to your guess from the correct answer and there is no app to download.

Here’s a look at what you might see upon opening Worldle:

To play, go to and type your first guess into the field at the bottom of the list (if you are worried about spelling, the game helps you by pulling up the correct spelling in a list, based on what you type). Then, press the Guess button and wait for your clues.

For instance, the guess Anguilla is 14,010 kilometers away from the target country, the target country is southwest of the guess and the proximity is shown as just 32% because it’s far away. But, on the other hand, Sri Lanka is a bit closer and the target country is to the southeast, while Indonesia gets even closer.

By default, the unit of distance used is kilometers, but you can change it to miles by selecting the Settings gear icon. You can also hide the silhouette or randomly rotate it for a serious challenge. While the unit of distance will change right away, the image modifiers won’t start until the following day. The display can also be changed between light and dark mode from that menu.

A celebratory party popper emoji appears in the direction column and the proximity changes to 100% when you have answered correctly. Just like in Wordle, you can then easily share your results on social media. Each day, a new puzzle is posted, making it an entertaining way to test and develop your world geography skills.

Click here to try Worldle now for free!

If you enjoy the game, you can buy its designer, who goes by the name Teuteuf, a symbolic coffee by giving them about $2 at Ko-fi.

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