This Massive Inflatable Obstacle Course For Adults is Amazing

Obstacle courses for adults are typically limited to those who are in the armed forces and those who choose to run races such as Tough Mudder and The Spartan. Full of immensely tough challenges, and, often, a lot of mud, those obstacle courses are for Experts Only.

But now there’s a new kind of obstacle course for adults—it’s inflatable, 839 feet long and called The Beast. It looks awesome.

Created by a Belgian company called V-Formation, The Beast is allegedly the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course… and it’s designed just for grown-ups. Kids might get a birthday bounce house, but nothing compares to The Beast.


According to the company website, The Beast was created to help adults “relive their teenage years again” and to test their agility. Children are invited to try the course, but the company warns that The Beast is not suitable for children under 12.

The Beast is longer than two football fields placed end-to-end and comes in 32 separate obstacles. They range in everything from bouncy balls and air-filled walls to nets and other soft barriers. Every assemblage of The Beast can be customized to personal preference.


There is a catch, though: You can’t just hire it for your next backyard barbecue. The Beast weighs around 12,000 pounds and is currently located in Belgium. Though it does travel frequently to festivals and other events like fundraisers and corporate get-togethers, there are no plans for it to hop across the pond anytime soon.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.46.45 AM
YouTube | V-Formation

According to Travel and Leisure, The Beast is booked in seven different countries this year, including a number of events in the United Kingdom. According to the website, however, you can inquire about booking the whole shebang for a private event.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.48.47 AM
YouTube | V-Formation

If you’re interested in seeing The Beast in action, check out this awesome video to see how the whole thing works.


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