‘World’s First Craft Beer Hotel’ On Track To Open In Ohio 2018


If you thought your love of beer couldn’t grow any greater, then clearly you’ve never sat in a jacuzzi full of it. One brewery is proving that the world’s craving a more unique beer experience, and they’re willing to deliver for their fans.

BrewDog is a Scottish brewing company that recently opened up its first U.S. location in Columbus, Ohio. And now, they’re looking to expand in a way you’d never imagined possible.

On their Indegogo page, they’re proposing to open the “world’s first ever cratt beer hotel,” called “The DogHouse.” Based on the overwhelming amount of support they’ve received, this is exactly the kind of thing people are looking for. Within two days of launching on Indiegogo, they had already surpassed their goal of raising $75,000.


A stay at The DogHouse will give you access to beer-themed rooms, a shower that’s stocked with ice cold beer, beer-infused breakfasts items and even beer-filled spa treatments. Oh yeah, there’s also that IPA-filled jacuzzi I was telling you about.

There’s still time to back the project online, though, and considering the fact that throwing some money towards this project gets you some pretty cool perks, you may want to head to Indegogo to donate.

According to Indegogo, with your help, they plan on having the hotel up and running in 2018, so you won’t have to wait much longer to travel to what they’re calling the “Hoppiest” place on Earth. “Forget Disneyland,” they say on Indiegogo. “This is the new happiest (or hoppiest) place on Earth.” And that’s really not a bad slogan, if you ask me.

When you support BrewDog on Indegogo, you’ll get some pretty cool perks. For $150, you’ll get a free night for two people and for $25, you’ll get your name on a foeder (a giant beer barrel), just to name a couple. So, no matter how much or how little you’re willing to pitch in, there’s a way you can get in on the beer hotel action!

The hotel will be located in Columbus, next to their BrewDog facility. No matter where you turn, there will be beer. So, if this sounds like your kind of vacation, get ready to book a stay in 2018.

Now, we should point out that “The DogHouse” will be in good company, as there are a number of other beer-related hotels in existence and in the works around the U.S. From Dogfish Head beer’s beachside The Dogfish Inn in Delaware to the beer-themed hotel that Stone Brewing plans to open in San Diego in 2018, it’s clear this country’s beer craze is here to stay.

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