World’s Happiest Dog Groomer Caught Dancing

We wish we loved our job as much as this adorable dog groomer. Check out his sweet moves!

The best dog groomers do whatever they can to make their clients feel comfortable. For Argentine pet groomer Luis Antonio Caballero that sometimes means grabbing a pooch by the paws and dancing.

Caballero runs PetShop Perrito Feliz with his wife, Gabriela, in Buenos Aires. Last year, Gabriela caught Luis on video sharing a sweet moment with one of his furry clients, and now that video is making its rounds on the internet. Gabriela told The Dodo:

“I stepped away to make some tea and returned to find Luis dancing. He didn’t realize I was there, so I took out my phone and started recording. This is just a normal day here.”

When not dancing and grooming, the Caballeros are doing what they can to help get homeless dogs off the streets and into homes.

“We are a family dedicated to the dogs. He loves them, and they love him.”

Dog Rescue
Facebook/Petshop Perrito Felix

And we love this guy. Keep dancing, Luis!