The World’s Largest Hotel Will Have 70 Restaurants And 10,000 Rooms

70 restaurants?!

Can you imagine a hotel with 10,000 rooms and more than 70 restaurants? No? Well, start trying, because the world’s largest hotel is coming to Mecca in Saudi Arabia—and it’s rumored to cost $3.5 billion (with a b!) dollars.


Owned by the Saudi Ministry of Finance, the hotel will be called Abraj Kudai and feature 12 separate towers of rooms and arguably more places to eat than most moderately-sized towns. Unsurprisingly, the hotel will feature helipads and will allegedly contain a full-size convention center.

“Entire floors” of the behemoth will be reserved for royal guests and on top of all that, Abraj Kudai will also be home to one of the world’s largest domes, perched atop the tallest tower.

World’s largest hotel planned for Saudi Arabia