This Airline Will Pay You To Live In Iceland And Travel The World All Summer

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Forget about lounging on a pool float and sipping frosé all summer long. What about jet setting around the world for 10 weeks?

WOW Air wants to make that dream a reality with a paid summer job exploring cities around the globe.

This week, the budget-friendly airline launched the WOW Travel Guide competition.

Two lucky individuals will win the opportunity to move to Iceland from June 1 to August 15 and use the country as a basecamp to travel to WOW Air destinations in Europe and North America.

That’s right — you and a friend could live in Iceland and explore cities like London, Paris, New York, Dublin and Barcelona with all expenses paid!

This summer job comes with plenty of extra perks, too. Both winners will live for free in a furnished apartment in Reykjavik.

Additionally, the airline will cover living expenses, hotels and related travel costs. This set-up is perfect for teachers — or really anyone looking to add a few more stamps to their passport!

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All you have to do to apply is create a short one- to two-minute video guide all about your hometown and upload it before the May 14 deadline.

The winners will be announced May 18 and their mission begins June 1. Over the course of 10 weeks, winners will take eight “random” two- to four-day-long trips outside of Iceland to WOW Air locations, as well as four trips within Iceland.

With Iceland’s beautiful Blue Lagoon available for rejuvenating between flights, we suspect jet lag won’t be a problem!

In return for this once-in-a-life-time opportunity, WOW Air expects the two winners to share videos, photos and more full of travel tips from the destinations visited.

WOW Air will publish the content as a complete digital Travel Guide at the end of the summer.

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It definitely beats working at the mall or flipping burgers for the summer.

BRB, brushing up on my video-editing skills!

Internship With Three French Bulldogs

Looking for another way to spend the summer? Consider this internship that requires you to spend time with three adorable French bulldogs!

Intrigued? You should be. This is definitely one of the quirkier jobs we’ve ever told you about!

Travel website The Points Guy is hiring a summer intern to spend the summer with The Points Pups — aka, Miles, Hootie and Swisher, three adorable French bulldogs.

The internship pays $20 per hour and involves documenting their adventures on social media (read: taking cute photos), writing content for the site and helping develop a guide for traveling with pets.

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