Bacon-scented wrapping paper is perfect for gifts for bacon-lovers


While choosing a gift your partner, family member or friend will love is essential, sometimes the presentation makes it even better. For instance, if someone on your gift shopping list is known for their fondness of bacon, you can purchase wrapping paper on Etsy that will take any present up a notch.

An Etsy shop called ManlyManCo sells gift-wrapping paper that looks and even smells like bacon.

“Ahh … BACON!” the seller writes in the description. “The most majestic of foods, second to none, worshipped by men everywhere! Just watch his face light up when he realizes his gifts smell like bacon.”


The 30-inch-wide wrapping paper rolls, $19.95, are 8 feet long, giving you enough to wrap at least a couple of gifts. The gift wrap has a black background with realistic, life-sized strips of perfectly-cooked bacon strips decorating it everywhere.

Just give the paper a little scratch and inhale to take in the tempting aroma. Yes, this is indeed scratch-and-sniff gift-wrapping paper. And it has 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 180 reviewers.

“Soooo fun,” wrote reviewer Sue Kloosterman, who shared a photo. “The only drawback we found is that if you have a dog you can’t put the gifts under the tree! We had not thought of that. Gifts are placed high out of reach now. My grandson is going to get such a kick out of his gifts and the dogs will be right there trying (to) help!!! Thank you.”

Etsy | Sue Kloosterman

Other customers say it not only looks and smells great but is functional as well.

“This wrapping paper not only smells like bacon and has a cute print, but also is really high-quality paper,” wrote reviewer Lori Hutcheon, who gave the product five stars. “I’m super happy with this purchase!!”

Want more meaty gift ideas? The ManlyManCo also offers a beef jerky bouquet in a beer mug and a Meat Card, a greeting card-size sheet of beef jerky laser engraved with your custom message.

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