Say Hello to Your Dog’s New Favorite Toy (and Find Out How It’s Making the World a Better Place)

Introducing the Project Play Wunderball: a dog toy that not only your pooch will go nuts for, but also one that helps other pups have better lives. This super-durable toy is a ball made of 100 percent natural rubber, making it safe for your dog and the environment.

Moreover, it lasts way longer than a lame tennis ball because the “elasticity of the rubber returns to its natural state closing up around any holes,” according to iHeartDogs. When thrown, the Wunderball bounces in unpredictable ways, making it wildly entertaining for your furry best friend.

Not to mention the ball’s irregular surface massages both teeth and gums, which helps in dental hygiene (doggie breath is a thing, people). The Wunderball comes in three sizes — small, medium and large — giving any dog the perfect-sized toy to attempt to destroy.

Now for the most important reason this should be your pet’s toy of choice: they help shelter dogs get adopted! For every ball purchased, the company iHeartDogs will donate the same ball to a shelter dog in need of some TLC.

Before you jump to listing reasons why giving a shelter dog a toy doesn’t do much in the way of finding him or her a home, consider this: iHeartDogs says that when someone is considering adopting from a shelter, a dog’s perceived playfulness is one of the top three most important factors in making a final decision.

Sadly, dogs locked up in kennels all day quickly get bored and scared, creating loads of anxiety, which can evolve into behavioral issues like aggression. And people don’t usually go for the pups that appear to have problems. This causes them to be overlooked when it comes to adoption, which often leads to eventual euthanization.

iHeartDogs decided to launch Project Play Wunderball after asking themselves “How can we increase adoption at the shelters we already provide food for?” After talking with shelter workers, they were told shelter dogs are in need of high-quality, durable toys for the dogs — and the rest is history.

So next time you’re looking for a gift for pup, you know what to get!